Sunday, July 4, 2010

"Right thing all the time"

Doing the right thing all the time. Every minute, every day, thruout the year. This is the hidden meaning behind the saying - 'Right thing @ Right time'. When you do right thing all the time, automatically when right time comes, the results accelerate. People call it luck. :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Experienced power of Automation Testing!

Recently I experienced a wonderful effect of Automation Test Suite. I think I'd like preserve this experience in the form of few words and share it with friends.

Present Scenario:
Cycle 3 Started beginning of this week.
The 26 Test Sets totalling 3000+ automated test cases started to be executed.
Test data was prepared as a pre-requisite by SME manual testing team.
The very first day of Cycle 3 execution the application which was nearing UAT completion, started crying.
23 Critical, High and Medium defects were logged the very first day.
The management lost confidence in the build.
No Go.

Scenario a couple of months back:
Automation suite creation in progress.
The scripts are failing due to problems within themselves.
The automation review process is identifying a lot of issues within scripts.
The naming conventions are not being followed completely.
No test data management strategy is documented.
Testing team starts estimating 100% manual regression cycle.
Management sees low confidence in automation testing.

How did the perspective change within a couple of months?

Business looks for results to accept success on ROI.
But someone in the top leadership had the "vision" to be patient and invest in building an Automation test suite. They accepted waiting and waiting for the build and review cycle of automation test suite, to be complete.

Recently, just on click of a button the 3000+ test cases drilled thru the huge complex application with a huge business value. Helping the leadership to decide quickly not to launch the product at this point in time, and wait for the desired quality in the product to be built.