Thursday, December 3, 2009

Back to SCRUM...

Long time.. almost 7-8 months.. I was missing SCRUM actually.

Thanks to my new assignment in my new job :). I am back to a SCRUM team, playing the role of the tester. I am happy that I can use all my learnings from my Waltham University :) for my new team and project.

Right on my first day I heard back all things about SCRUM, which I was forgetting slowly being out of touch since last few months. I had my first standup meeting today and people are talking about TDD and Acceptance TDD. Cool.


Alex Rothenberg said...


I was happy to attend Waltham University with you :)


Riju Kansal said...

Yes definitely, attend as my coach in disguise :). Both you and Pat.

I can never forget my informal tutorials in cafeteria and our lunch times.. leave aside our formal discussions and meetings.