Thursday, December 3, 2009

Acceptance TDD

1. In acceptance TDD we first define the specific user- or customer-valued functionality we want our system as a whole to exhibit and only then implement the said behavior,most likely using TDD.

2. Acceptance test are:
-Owned by customer
-Written together with customer, developer, tester
-It is about what and not about how
-expressed in the problem domain -consize, presize

3. The requirement is to achieve correctness at feature level and not at code level.

4. Dev Cycle:
-Select a User Story
-Write Acceptance tests for the story
-Automate above tests
-Implement the story to pass teh above automated acceptance tests.

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Gourav said...

Nice article Riju and very clearly elaborated idea of testing. I feel it is more like a BDD, where the BA/user write stories in plain english and then through TDD we do write integration tests and in turn unit test cases leads to actual code. I feel it's all same just the terminology is different.