Sunday, November 23, 2008

Used Car Buying Tips - India :)

Questions to ask --
-Mumbai reg?
-Reason for selling?
-First owner?
-How old is Battery?
-Tyres/Stepny - Have they been changed / or are they original?
-Leaks - check the tyre rims, showing any leakage signs?
-Serviced on time? Have Records?
-Music System? Audio CD player /USB
-Kilometers run?
-Who drives it?
-Price negotiable?
-Suspension - Press / push the car down with your hands and try to shake it a bit. If the suspensions are good it will move the least. You may also use this to validate the meter reading. If the suspension are good then low meter reading is valid.


Bharath Regula said...

These are pretty much generic to any location... asking records part is somewhat too much i guess. I don't think one in India will maintain the receipts of services ;)

Riju Kansal said...

U'll be surprized then, bcos you can get maintainance records in India too. I maintain it. Only thing is the used car market is not as organized as in US. But still people back from US can try to get the info. :)

Anonymous said...

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