Sunday, November 30, 2008

Plan Of Action - TDD

  • Install the measurement tools, like emma, clover, Cobertura, CodeCover
  • Learn/understand the project code. Each project may have unique requirements in terms of writing unit tests, like struts, database, containers API, any other API.
  • Use FindBug & CheckStyle reports to improve the quality of code.
  • Build the initial required framework for writing unit tests, for the ease of rest of team.
  • Move from [Code - Test - Debug] => [Test - Code - Refactor] Mode
  • Achieve the state of -- Writing a new test should not introduce more overhead than the test itself.

Writing a test makes you ask a lot of questions related to the requirements as well as implementation, which eventually is very helpful to filter out any bugs which may be introduced in the appications otherwise.

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