Tuesday, April 24, 2012

CITCON - Cool Great Experience!

I was lucky enough to be at CITCON  2012 at Singapore (pronounced KITCON, because it is Kontinuous Integration and not Sontinuous Integration, nice one :)). When I came to know about it initially thru the Agile Singapore mailing list, it was already late, the registration website was showing a house full message. But luckily I knew a person belonging to one of the sponsoring company and he thankfully helped me secure a seat in.

Look in the center on this picture to find me!

The conference spanned across two days, a Friday evening and a full Saturday. Friday evening we got together and introduced ourselves and decided on the topics to be presented on the next day. The introduction included each individual talking a few words about why were they present and what was their intention to take out of the conference. Additional to that Paul and Jeffery introduced the Open Space concept and the process it will progress rest of the conference.

The list of topics was posted on a grid on a board.

I was able to attend the following sessions:
1. CI 101 - By Andy Marks from ThoughtWorks
2. Strategies for Scaling and Speeding Tests - Vivek from ThoughtWorks
3. TDD vs BDD - Abhay from New Context
4. CI in a lean startup - By Andy Marks from ThoughtWorks
5. Pair Programming Done Right - Paul Julius from Co-founder CITCON
6. Selling Change - Jeffrey Fredrick from Co-founder CITCON

Each session was amazing in itself and always ended up in high spirits. As the open space format defines the sessions are driven by the people attending it. So every session started with a speaker initiating it, followed by people sitting in circles or randomly and converting it into a discussion mode with lots of inputs from attendees.

The conference was well sufficed with food and snacks at regular intervals. I enjoyed a lot talking to new people from different companies and learning a lot about their work and processes.

Both the sessions by co-founders PJ and JF were really awesome. While PJ described beautiful ways to start doing pair programming and its benefits, JF led the groups thru wonderful walkthru's of ways to sell change to a group of people around you.

They also had a wonderful unique way of leading the introduction talk on day 1 by dropping the post it chits on the floor leaving us to imagine like a 3D slide show with slides falling on the floor and Zero text display.

The overall experience was super nice and I kept recollecting it all thru out my next day during my idle mind times and ofcourse images will last much longer. I'd love to join it again and next definitely contribute more than this time!!

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Anonymous said...

Great wrapup Riju... and I'm going to steal some of your images for a similar thing I'm doing tonight :-)