Saturday, April 26, 2008

Who is a Sahajayogi?

One -
1. Who loves truth.
2. Evaluates all his/her actions based on truth.
3. Is able to maintain balance every moment and is trying to think of ways to achieve it.
4. Has 0% ego.
5. Believes in giving.
6. Accepts the fact that one needs to exhale whatever he/she inhales.
7. Has won over anger.
8. Is forgiving.
9. Is able to take care of his/her health.

As per my personal experience & understanding, all the above seem very idealistic and unachievable qualities for a human being leading a normal life. But the only hope is as explained by SahajaYoga -- Be Connected To Divine. How? Only through meditation.

Only meditation gives the opportunity to calm the mind and get connected to divine power. And only with this power one can achieve balance. Balance is the key. Excitement and depression are the two extreme sides of balance. The most difficult thing to decide is what exactly is the center line of balance? You can understand it only in a state of meditation. Which comes by practice.

Just try not to lie to yourself each day and each minute and you can attain the state of meditation. And you'll get the strength for this by meditation. Both of these ideas go hand in hand and help each other.

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